Brake Job Procedure (important parts)

Full Brake Job Reading Material (Giulia/Stelvio 2.0/2.9):

  1. Enter Brake Service Mode via the Infotainment system. This retracts the Parking brake. (See Notes below for potential issues)

  2. Pull negative battery cable (quick disconnect), place towel over trunk latch to prevent accidental closing of the trunk.

  3. Do brake job, just like any other vehicle ( Brake Torque Specs )

  4. PUMP THE BRAKES! This is EXTREMELY important. If you don’t do this prior to re-connecting the battery, the system will see what it thinks is a fluid loss the first time you push the brake pedal. It WILL throw codes and be very difficult to clear. MES along with the associated cables and adapters will be required to clear.

  5. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

  6. Turn on the car but do not start. Brake Service mode should exit at this point automatically. If it doesn’t exit, just toggle the Parking brake a couple of times.

  7. Start the car fully.

  8. Turn steering wheel all the way from lock to lock (all the way right, pause a second, then all the way left and pause again.) Set the wheel back to center.

  9. Turn off car and wait for it to completely shut down (>30 seconds).

  10. Start up the car again.

  11. All warning lights should go away. If they do not clear, repeat steps 7-10.

  12. At this point you are done with the Full Brake job.

Follow proper brake pad/rotor bedding procedure for your brake pads. (Standard ceramic daily driving pads are usually good to go with normal driving but make sure that you check first!)

Notes on parking / e-brake (2.0):
Brake Service Mode should retract the e-brakes that are motorized and contained within the rear calipers. They are a screw type. If for some reason they do not retract, some folks have had luck supplying 12v to the pins on the plug going to the rear calipers in order to actuate them. If that doesn’t work, you need to twist the piston as you compress it with an e-brake tool.

OE Brakes Standard Procedure.pdf (1.7 MB)

Brake Bleeding Procedure Topic