Brake Bleeding Procedure (important parts)

Bleeding Brakes, for 2.0/2.9

Motive Power bleeder is the best, the BEST!!

Our Giulia’s take DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 (glycol based fluid) DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH INCOMPATIBLE FLUIDS

  1. Suck out as much fluid from the master cylinder reservoir as you can
  2. Dump a complete bottle (1L) into a clean power bleeder
  3. Connect to the master cylinder
  4. Pump the power bleeder until the needle is at 6:30 on the pressure dial (~40psi)
  5. Bleed the brakes in this order:
    • Front-Left inner
    • Front-Left outer
    • Front-Right inner
    • Front-Right outer
    • (2.0 only):
      • Rear-Right
      • Rear-Left
    • (2.9 only):
      • Rear-Right inner
      • Rear-Right outer
      • Rear-Left inner
      • Rear-Left outer

Remember that brake fluid is corrosive. Wipe off any surfaces and clean them thoroughly. Brake fluid will eat through paint. It is also hygroscopic (absorbs water/moisture from the air), so never use partially used fluid older than a few months, even if the cap is tight. It’s not worth the risk.

OE Brake bleed procedure.pdf (1.9 MB)

Brake Job Procedure Topic