Upgrading 2.0 Giulia brakes to Quadrifoglio Standard Performance Brakes

It appears that it is completely possible to upgrade your 2.0 brakes to the larger Quadrifoglio steel rotor brakes. This will focus on only the NAFTA 2.0 (330mm/320mm) brake setup being converted to the non-carbon-ceramic steel brakes (360mm/350mm???) that come standard on the Quadrifoglio.

OE Brake Info

2.0 Brakes:


  • Rotors: 330mm blank
  • Calipers: Brembo 4 piston


  • Rotors: 320mm
  • Calipers: 1 piston floating; integrated e-brake

2.9 (QV) brakes:


  • Rotors: 360mm co-cast
  • Calipers: Brembo 6 piston


  • Rotors: 350mm co-cast
  • Calipers: 4 piston floating;
  • Separate e-brake caliper

Upgrade Info

  • NOTE: Steering knuckles are the same part number on 2.0 RWD and QV. It is assumed that the difference between the RWD 2.0 steering knuckle and the AWD version only pertains to the axle/hub portion.

Front Upgrade

  • QV standard calipers (steel rotor version)
  • Caliper mount/spacer for attaching 6-piston QV caliper to steering knuckle
  • 360mm rotors

Rear Upgrade

  • Upgrade knuckle from 2.0 to 2.9 version
  • Use 2.0 hub/bearings in QV knuckle
  • QV standard calipers (steel rotor version)
  • QV standard e-brake calipers (steel rotor version)
    • Extend e-brake wiring about 5cm and swap polarity.

Software Configuration / Upgrade

  • Flash QV ABS module firmware. (from @SniZ )
  • PROXI changes:
    • byte 87 bits 6-7:
      00xxxxxx - 305mm
      01xxxxxx - QV carbon ceramic
      10xxxxxx - 330mm
      11xxxxxx - QV steel

    • byte 129 bits 0-3:
      xxxx0001 - 305mm
      xxxx0010 - only see this for Stelvio JTD (330mm at the front, 292mm at rear)
      xxxx0011 - 330mm
      xxxx0100 - QV steel
      xxxx0101 - QV carbon ceramic

  • PROXI Aignment


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I know someone on Giulia forums did this already. I was curious about doing it, but I don’t think I will bother. If I would do it, I would do the front only.

From my experience, the 2.0 brakes are excellent with the mods I have done. With the Tarox rotors, the Tarox SS lines, Motul RBF700, and the brake pad shims from Alfissimo, I had no issues doing multiple back to back sessions at VIR. The brakes worked flawlessly.

Hey Drew,

Yeah, my setup is also very good, but I was definitely well past temperatures that I felt comfortable with (>1400F) on track last year. The ST-43 pads in the front lost a lot of material, while also cooking the piston dust seals. This mod would give lower braking temps, and more thermal capacity, which I think is a good way to go. I will be doing a brake duct mod, but as I stiffen the suspension, reduce body roll/lunge, and increase speeds, larger brakes will allow me to increase braking pressures. The heat is only going to get worse, and with it being BBW, I’m not keen on finding the limits of the braking system.

If you happen to have a link to that article, I would be curious to check it out. I can’t figure out if the half-shafts are compatible or if custom ones need to be made.

I cooked my dust boots and got brake temp warning back in 2022 before I did the SS lines and pyroclast shims. Doing those two things my dust boots survived and I never got a warning about brake temperature.

But then again I cooked my head gasket and turbo instead…

I do need some new front pads, and if I can find them, I’d love to get the shims and higher temp dust seals.

I just bought the M240i (Raybestos WK3316) rebuild kit since I could not find any for the Giulia.

Here is one mod someone did to put QV rear rotors on front of 2.0 (no BBK available for 2.0 because of brake by wire? | Page 2 | Alfa Romeo Giulia Forum)

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