Upgrade the 2017-2023 25W headlights to 35W with ZERO modifications


In the USA we have two lighting options for model years 2017-2023: Mid-level and Premium. Both headlight options have an extra lamp called the Static Bending Light (SBL) that illuminates the side of the road you are turning towards (i.e., lights the curb/sidewalk). There are several conditions that need to be met for the SBL to illuminate, one of which is being at speeds under 13MPH. The Premium version of the headlights will also adjust the vertical and/or horizontal aim of the head lights depending on speed and the vehicle level using the Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) components.

Headlight Option Details

  • Mid Level:

    • Watts: 25W
    • Size: D5S
    • Ballast: Integrated with bulb
      D5S 25W bulb D5S 25W bulb
  • Premium or Top Level:

    • Watts: 35W
    • Size: D3S
    • Ballast: Externally mounted on headlight assembly
      image image

The following document (from 2017) shows three different levels of headlamp units available on the Giulia. As stated, the US only has the last 2 options listed in the document. Contained in the headlights document are the operating parameters of each headlight option.

headlights.pdf (14.3 MB)


In order to upgrade from the 25W D5S bulb to a 35W version, as you would suspect, all you need to do is find a 35W D5S bulb! There are limited options out there, but if you search a bit on eBay, Amazon, or other lighting stores, you should find something that fits the bill. To match the color of the SBL and DRL LED lights, you are looking for a bulb in the 5200K - 5500K temerature range.

Note: It has been reported, and also experienced by me, that the AliExpress options may not be so reliable. I received a set (1 months later) where one of the bulbs was completely non-functional. Other people have reported that even though they were marketed as a D5S size bulb, they did not physically fit. BUYER BEWARE

The headlights that I ended up purchasing were a set from eBay, HERE, in the 5500K flavor. They have been going strong for over 2 years as of writing this.

Happy Upgrading!