Track Prep and Improvements/Mods/Fixes to Address Weaknesses

Maybe this can go here? I can’t post in the How-To library (probably a good thing).

Anyways, prepping my car for a few upcoming track days and trying to tackle some older items that I have been ignoring since they haven’t posed a problem yet.

@FizzGiGG since you have a lot more experience on track and modding than most, point out any other items that I may be missing.

  1. Coolant bleeder screws on rear of engine. (Have the replacements from Alfissimo)
  2. Coolant bleeder/hose bypass for turbo on driver side of engine (just remove section and re-use old hose? Buy 68530460AA which is newer hose revision that does not have this section?)
  3. Going to grab that Damon oil catch can.
  4. I have the Ideal camber kit and want to install that. I read online about the GMS kit that with Q4 should not do more than -2.0 since it would strain the front CV? How much camber you running?

So that is what I plan to tackle beyond my normal prep of:

  • Fresh oil change (going with Rowe 0w30 SP this time)
  • Fresh brake fluid flush (Motul RBF 700)
  • Tracks pads (Raybestos ST-43)
  • Brake pad heat shield (Pyroclast from Alfissimo)
  • Removed factory brake dust shields
  • Tarox F2000 rotors
  • Tarox SS brake lines
  • 245/35 or 245/40 tires (currently finishing off a set of Yokohama AD08R)
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  2. Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing, but… I would replace both hard coolant lines with 5/16" fuel line rubber hose along with using fuel line hose clamps. Re-use the ends. I believe they should hold up as they are something like GF-35 (35% glass fiber reinforced plastic).
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  4. -1.7° or so, and I can hear the CV kind of yell at me near full lock. My 2018 Q4 ride height may contribute to this as I don’t think the half shafts are parallel with the ground.


Talking about that bleeder that is not on the 2022+ engines.
What other hoses have you replaced with fuel lines?

My 2017 is lower than your 2018, but hopefully camber won’t cause too much strain. I would love -2.5, but think I will stick to as close to 2.0 I can get.

The hard lines from the two expansion tanks.

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Mounted my Yokohama AD08R. Still have great tread on them even though they have been through a few track weekends. They are 2018 rubber though, so doubt they have much traction left in them.

While doing the tires, I replaced all my relays in the fender with the updated part number. I had the turbo intercooler pump code (U1008-00 - LIN serial line) just pop up the other week AGAIN, so while in there I just replaced everything so I shouldn’t have the issue again hopefully.

Also found some more missing clips, bolts, and dangling harnesses not in their mounts. All from the stupid dealer who sucked at replacing my engine.

Next steps is installing the catch can this weekend and doing the pads and fluid next week.

I want to install the hybrid turbo I have been sitting on, but warry of having some codes thrown that I cannot clear (wastegate). Track day is July 31, so will probably wait until after.