Suspension Frequency (Hz)

I’m attempting to start to look at thinking about maybe getting a custom coil-over setup. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the first steps, at least I think so, is determining the OEM frequency rate of the suspension. I am completely stock except for some 7-8mm LCA shims that are adding a little bit of camber, and also a QV rear sway bar. The sway bar shouldn’t be affecting anything, but the LCA shims may be, but only by a small amount.

Here’s me doing the humpty trying to get a nice consistent bounce going on. It took a little bit of time, but my out of shape ass was able to get something I’m happy with. I was way too winded afterwards though. wtf.

Full disclosure: The driver’s side rear suspension has a bushing or two that are pre-loaded (on accident), so that is adding to the spring rate / height on that side which is potentially altering the reading of the bounce.

I believe we are looking at:

  • Front: 1.6Hz
  • Rear: 1.9-2.0Hz

I’ve asked @SPDWEBdotNET to set his adaptive suspension to soft and to also perform this test. Should be very close to the same as mine, but hopefully much more accurate.