SGW Bypass Install


The purpose of the SGW bypass is to physically bypass the device by briging the in and out of the SGW so it essentially doesn’t exist in the CAN BUS electrical path. This allows you to not only read, which you can do no matter what, but it also allows you to write data to the various system modules. Without the SGW bypassed, you are unable to flash an ECM tune through the OBD port, or clear some codes that may have popped up.


  • Security Gateway (SGW) / Security Gateway Module (SGM) Bypass device



  1. Make sure vehicle is off, and asleep, and your key fob is far away.

2 Lift steering wheel up and towards the back of the vehicle in order to open up space under the steering column where you are going to be reaching.

  1. On LHD vehicles, the SGW is located up and to the right of the steering column. The two plugs are inserted into the SGW up at an angle towards the hood… roughly.

  2. Feel around the mass of wires and insulation to find the device and unplug the connectors from the SGW.

  3. Pull the connectors/wire= assembly closer to you so it’s a little easier. It’s still really tight though.

  4. Connect the SGW bypass to the connectors and stuff it somewhere in there that won’t rattle.

Good luck.