P06DD Variable Displacement Oil Pump Code, Giulia 2.0

So at about 39k miles I started getting a P06DD on a cold start when the temps fell during winter. This did not happen at all during the summer months when ambient temperature was above 40F.

The car will display service engine, service electronic throttle body, auto stop start unavailable, and it will be in limp mode. I could then shut it off and immediately restart it and it would not be in limp anymore but the CEL would remain lit and the P06DD code was set.

My first foray into solving this was done with a simple oil change, which indeed cured the problem, or at least bandaid it and there were no more issues the rest of the winter or throughout the summer months. That oil only had around 2k miles on it when changed though so that should not have caused a problem. The oil was changed again during the summer but as soon as it got cold again, with around 1200 miles on that oil the problem struck again.

The car has an extended warranty so to the shop it went where it sits now. They called me and said they are replacing the oil pump assembly. Which is great, I was hoping they were not going to just try to change the solenoid which is apparently available separately now. With the other problems people are having, mainly the pump scissor gear coming loose, I am glad the entire thing is being replaced.

I’ve ask for the old pump back so I can dissect it. I will post a follow up when the job is completed and the results.


This will be a good addition to the How-To / Library once you have more information and some pics of the old oil pump assembly.