Multiecuscan (MES) Setup and Connection Timeout Troubleshooting

Let’s get right into this. Before trying to use Multiecuscan (MES), you must have the proper communications settings configured in Windows.


  • Ability to use a Windows computer and change settings.
  • Ability to also RTFM for MES.


Tools used in this write-up


  1. Connect the OBD scan tool to a USB port on your computer.

  2. Open MES and click Settings in the lower left.

  3. Select the Interfaces tab to see what COM port your OBD adapter is using.
    MES Settings - Interfaces

  4. Take this opportunity to Test the interface to verify that it is connecting properly.
    MES Interfaces Test

  • Note: A successful test does not indicate that you are in the clear. You must still verify that your COM port settings are correct.
  1. Click OK twice to exit MES Settings.

  2. Open Device Manager in Windows, scroll down and select Ports (COM & LPT)

  3. Double-click or right-click and choose Properties on the COM port device that matches the COM port in use by your OBD scan tool (e.g., COM4).
    Screenshot 2024-05-17 135131

  4. Select the Port Settings tab and click the Advanced… button. Set the Latency Timer (msec) to the lowest value. (e.g., 1)
    MES Device Manager Ports 3

  5. Click OK to close the Advanced Settings for COMn dialog.

  6. Click OK again to close the USB Serial Port (COMn) Properties dialog.

MES and your OBD scan tool should now be setup correctly and no longer give you timeout errors.


Issue: Timeout errors in MES while trying to perform a PROXI alignment

  • Resolution 1: Try the PROXI alignment again.
  • Resolution 2: Verify that your COM Port settings are still correct.
  • Resolution 3: Reboot your computer, and try again.
  • Resolution 4: Read Page 2 in the MES manual to see if anything applies to the OBD scan tool that you have.

Issue: OBD scan tool isn’t found

  • Resolution 1: If you have unplugged and then reconnected the OBD scan tool, it is very possible that Windows assigned a new COM Port number. Verify that the settings are correct.