Hello, I am JeFizz, FizzBeauc, FizzGiGG, Jesse, Jess, Admin

Some of you will already know me, but others that are new to the platform will not…

I am not a writer, so this is painful at times to get out what I want to say without rambling or repeating myself. Ha! Where do I start…

I dislike being constrained by other’s rules; that’s why this site exists!! I am currently a Mod/Admin over at the very large and informative Giulia Forums. That site has been a great resource for many Giulia and Stelvio owners over the years. Due to the management style and rules created by the owners of the Giulia Forums, I have decided to step out onto my own platform that will be lite on rules and regulations. I want to be crystal clear here:

There is no bad blood between me and the owners of the Giulia Forums.

They are/were great to work for. I just received no compensation, so can I call it work? Not that I really expected anything, but I definitely worked. They collect Vendor fees to help with the cost of the site. Which is all fine.

This site will be free to use*, with no ads, and no Vendor fees in order to advertise products on the site. Until it is no longer a side project for me and is costing me a non-trivial amount to upkeep, I will need to make some decisions about pulling in some revenue. That should be a long ways off as I know how long it can take to build a community.

A little about my background:
I started out back in the early 90’s working on my own vehicles in High School. Rebuilt some small engines, moved on to rebuilding a couple Chevy/GMC V8’s. A Ford V6 (nightmare inducing vac lines.) It was my passion in life. Out of HS I attended a local Automotive School for exactly one semester. While doing so, I was also working as an intern at a local Goodyear repair shop. In that very short period of time, I learned that I didn’t want to be an auto-mechanic for the rest of my life. Doing that work was taking all of the fun out of what I wanted to have as a hobby. Luckily it didn’t faze me, but it did make me consider my future.

From there I went to college for Electronics Technology, graduated, and eventually went back to get a simple “PC/LAN” Tech certificate. This education is what launched me into my current career path as a Systems Admin/Architect. Well, as you can probably guess, that’s what also got me into building some websites sites and learning anything I could about random techie nerdy things. I am not a programmer. I do not develop anything. I am a scripter at best. (fwiw)

Something a little more personal about me is that I just celebrated with my lovely and kick ass wife, our 27th wedding anniversary. WOOOO. We have two boys that are out on their own, and a daughter in law that has been with us now for exactly 1 year. It’s been a great ride, and now is the time for us to downsize a bit which should afford me more time (and funds) to focus on what I love to do… work on and drive cars. (preferably fast)

So, what does that mean? No idea. Figured I’d give you a little info about me and my goals.

Now the more fun stuff.

Back, I don’t know how many decades ago, when a little site called Honda Tech was just getting started out. I found another forum that was dedicated to the D series Honda engines. The site was called sohchonda.com. It was all about the understanding, modding, and tweaking of that little D series engine that was found in most Honda Civics from roughly 1988 - 2005. Honda Tech was really focused on B series engines, which was not what I was looking for with me owning a 98 Civic EX Coupe with the D16Y8 engine. Over time I gained a plethora of knowledge on that subject while also assisting in moderating that forum. Eventually I took ownership when the original owner decided to move on to other things. (Mike, where are you?!?!?!) That site was built and continued to run based on all thing’s D series. Unfortunately, due to the very niche subject that it was based on, it was only a matter of time before it became irrelevant. K and J swaps became the norm. Now, I don’t even know what’s going on in that world. SOHCHonda was shut down many moons ago. It’s a great memory for me.

During that time, I made a couple of friends that I still chat with to this day, one of them almost daily. THAT is what I’m trying to create here. Knowledge and a mutual interest in the Alfa Romeo Giulia 952 (all flavors).

…oh, and no BS.

As stated in the Site Description, if all you want to do is chat about paint colors, trim preferences, and the fact that you can feel the windshield wiper motion in the brake pedal, it may be best to go elsewhere. Giulia Forums or Instagram are your platforms. If you want to talk about repairs, modifications, troubleshooting, track prep, brake bed-in procedures, then this is the place for you.

Welcome!! I hope you stick around and tell your Giulia friends.

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Purely a nerd question, what platform are these forums running on?

Discourse. I tried out Flarum, but it was severely lacking some features that I was expecting.

BTW, you could see this in the Site Feedback category. :smiley:

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Thanks, it’s pretty slick

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Oh I still miss those D16s, A D16y7z6 Honda/Acura OBD1 swapped aluminium LEGO set in my case.

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