Hello from Germany

Hello guys,

What can i say, I’m an alfisti from the beginning. My dad had an old spider from 2002 and absolutely love it to driving shotgun back in the days.
My first Alfa was a Brera 2.2l JTS where i was 21 years old. After 4 years and an engine swap i sold it :frowning:
Now, 6 years later, im sitting in an beautiful Giulia Veloce in the color etna rosso.
Never driving was more fun for me!

Next steps are lowering Springs from Eibach next week and the squadra tuning with Racemode enabled :smiley:

Some pics from her


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You are pretty much the first user to sign up that isn’t someone I already know. You should get an award for that. ha!

Beautiful spec! It reminds me that I really need to get my windows tinted, but track parts cost too much so I will probably never do that. ha.

How has the car behaved for you? Any issues?

Haha nice to hear!

Got the post from you from Reddit.

Not at all, some crackling from the sunroof. But that was fixed with in warranty. Everything fine by now.

Only thing that buffers me is the shaking hood at high speeds, but dont know how to fix that. The dealer says thats normal.

If you check out my post in the Track Day / Motorsports category, there are some track videos. My hood bounces all over the place at speed.

Some model years had an extra rubber gasket on the hood, but I think that was only towards the nose. The easiest way to fix it would be to get ahold of some of that rubber gasket/door seal material and attach at the windshield cowl area under the hood to help support it.

I would caution that anyone doing so to NOT have the gasket span the full width of the hood so as not to impede any potential hot air flow/heat radiation from there. It is a high-pressure area, so it’s not too likely that air flows from the engine bay out to the windshield, but better safe than sorry.

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