Fix rattling pressure relief valves

I’m not sure if this was contributing to some rattling noise I was hearing from the rear, but I know that it can’t be helping…

This was discovered when I went to replace my original Varta battery. I like poking things, so of course I was curious about them and poke. rattle … wtf?

Simple fix is to apply more or less sound deadening material in order to assist with tightening up the fitment of the valve in the unibody opening.

Clean the front and back side surfaces very well before applying the material. Wrap around the edge, and then re-install the valves.


Nice. I don’t believe I have any rattles, but good to know.

I noticed the same, I wrapped Resonix butyl rope around the entire perimeter.

Another source of rear rattles is the antenna box in the middle of the trunk under the 6x9 opening in the rear deck. A layer of thin closed cell foam under it took care of that.

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