Few vids of me on the track

I know I know, I said this site wasn’t for paint color, glamour shots, and dumb quirky Italian car posts, but this is sort of relevant right? Showing decent technique?


Wish I had video to pair with my Race Box data from last year. I was much quicker, even though acceleration was suffering more than likely due to the added weight of the QV rear sway bar, Q2 LSD differential, and the heavy MSW Type 82 18x9 aftermarket wheels…


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You mentioned somewhere running 245/45/18 tires I think?

What differences do you notice with wider/taller sidewall tires over stock?
Any dramatic reduction in fuel economy when just driving?
Any sloppiness introduced in the handling?
Your video looks very un-sloppy. :smiley:

Yep, so I have the OE 19x8 square setup that came with the Pirelli P7 Cinterato RFT’s (225/40/19), and they are a very responsive tire at that width, but just mediocre when it comes to grip. I upgraded to 245/35/19 Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601 for a track event that was coming up, it was more about the $$ than anything. They lasted quite a while, many years hitting about 4-5 track days per year.

Last year I bought some MSW Type 82 18x9 wheels and slapped on Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS in 245/45/18. The grip was awesome. The RE-71RS have a VERY stiff sidewall, yet I had no complaints driving them daily.

Tirerack did a good lap time comparison using different section width tires on a single wheel width, and there is definitely a sweet spot. Rule of thumb is to never go to the max tire width, go one or two below depending on the actual section width of the tire (varies greatly though).

A larger tire mass helps with heat, so the taller sidewall adds to that while also decreasing/increasing the tire firmness (tire dependent, of course).

no time to write more right now, gotta jet!!

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