Disconnected your battery; now you have warnings?! (Stage 1)

Welcome fellow hands on people. You disconnected your battery to perform some repair or maintenance on your vehicle, and now you have a whole pile of warnings and errors displayed on your center screen? AHHHH!!! Never fear because there is an easy way to fix this without any special tools or by having to take your car in to a service shop.

95% of the time there is a very easy fix that requires no skill or time. Part of this may seem like voodoo magic, or a fake internet fix from Quora. Trust me, part of this is pulled from the service manual.

Potential Warnings

  • Service Electronic Throttle Control
  • Start&Stop Unavailable
  • Service Active Blind Spot Assist (ABSA)
  • ABS Unavailable
  • Service Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
  • Service ESC System
  • AST Unavailable



If you have simply disconnected your battery for one reason or another and have not performed any major service that may actually be throwing a code, this write-up should work for you. In the case where you DID perform some major surgery, this may not be enough to clear all warnings, errors, or codes. If this procedure fails to clear the warnings, you will need to jump over to the Multiecuscan (MES) - Clear warnings, errors, and codes. (Stage 2) article.




Key fob
At least one arm, one leg, and one eye, or a buddy. Why are you driving?


  1. After reconnecting the battery and witnessing the slew of errors or warnings that seem to have no commonality… Start the car

  2. Turn the steering wheel all the way from lock to lock (all the way right, all the way left), and then return the wheel to center. It doesn’t matter which way you turn it first; this is a relearning procedure for the steering angle sensor, so it knows the limits.

  3. Turn the car off and wait at least 30 seconds until the center display completely shuts off. (I don’t know if this wait time is completely necessary, but it’s what we do, and it works)

  4. Turn the car back on to accessories mode, do not start.

  5. Go ahead into your Infotainment and reset the Time and Date.

  6. Start the car, and you should now be warning, error, and grief free.