Charging question

I monitor my pids for voltage, IBS, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, and boost using torque pro.
This morning voltage showed 12.5, IBS at 94. Short drive.
Warmed up today, was 40 degrees this morning, 68 on drive home.
AC kicked on Auto, volts showed 12.0/12.1 while driving, IBS dropped to 89. When braking, voltage jumped to 14.3.

Parked in driveway, turned off a, voltage went back to 12.5.

So, it’s it safe to figure it’s actually charging, but the voltage sensor is somewhere in line where once all items are running like AC, readout dips?

I’ll check voltage at the charge points later, and maybe with motor running to see what it’s putting out at idle. Just interesting behavior.

No lights on dash, no errors, ran a lot warmer, water and oil were around 210 f, but neither is out of like for a warmer day I don’t think.

Ran out to grab dinner for the family. Before leaving, checked voltage at the underhood terminals and battery, 12.4V.

Started car, showed between 12…2 and 12.4 during drive except when braking, when it bumped to 14.3, which implies that the car is actually charging.

I’m not too worried about it. I don’t monitor the car every drive, but have noticed that I’ll charge it for the weekend, it’ll show 100 on IBS, then over a week or two drop to 80% on IBS. I know these cars like LONG drives to charge (IBS only went up one or two points after a 5 hour drive), but I know it’s charging. Battery is new, and holding decent charge. So I’m not too worried about it. Temps never peaked over 215 for coolant, 210 for oil, again within range for warmer weather (cooler weather of 40ish degrees usually has the car around 185degrees).

So, unless someone sounds the alarm, I won’t be too worried.

That is actually looking really good. The charging system is quite the thing… only charging when it won’t sap performance/efficiency. It’s one of the reasons people who don['t drive enough end up with systems not working due to a low state of charge. <65% SOC pretty much turns off most non-essential systems like rear defroster, auto start/stop, etc.

Mines at 40% SOC… I need a new battery.

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I’m happy with my Motorcraft H8 AGM so far.

(Was put in by the Lincoln Dealership the car was at before they moved it to Forest Lake for me)

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I’ll head to Costco and get an Interstate battery.

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