Alter trunk lid spring tension

A very common issue with most Giulia’s is the trunk lid spring tension being too weak. When parked on an incline, the lid can bounce back down and bonk you on the head if you’re not careful.

There are a couple of methods to resolving this issue…

Tether some of the spring coils together to increase the spring tension or replace the gas strut with a stronger unit.

The first method is a quick and dirty modification that I highly recommend. It makes a huge difference. The only downside is that there is still a bit of bouncing, but it’s much more taught than OEM behavior. There is also the potential that a zip tie will break. YMMV

Zip Tie Method:

  1. Open the trunk and remove the battery cover in order to gain access to the trunk lid coil spring
  2. Using at least 2 heavy zip ties placed 180° spaced out around the spring, tether about 4 -6 of the coils together with the zip ties


Gas Strut Method:

  1. WIP
  2. WIP