2.9L Oil and Filter Choices

So I wanted to start of by saying that the oil filter for the 2.9L engine is ridiculously priced. There are two filter variants and I only have good news for one of them.

The older style filter kit from Alfa is from MY17-20
PN: 68335191AA
List price of $133.00

The newer style filter kit from Alfa is from MY21+
List Price of $236.00

Good news is, they make a cheap filter element replacement!

List Price of $18.00
Can find on Amazon

Bad news is, this only fits the older style filter design.

I run these on my personal MY17 Giulia QV and have had no problems. I also change the oil at 3000-4000 miles.

As far as oil goes, the 5w-40 Penzoil Euro is great stuff. I have also ran Mobil One in the same weight and also had zero issues.

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Good info. That’s kind of crazy that they changed the filter, and that NOBODY makes them. You’d think that Mahle or MANN+HUMMEL would.

Make sure you specify a bit more specs about the oils, or the internet gets really touchy feely about it. LOL

API SN+ or better?

I really only know the 2.0 oils to use, and as long as they are API SN+, or API SP, it’s good to go even if the cold weight is off by 5. (tested 5W/30 in MN, it works fine).

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Currently $162 for MY2021+ QVs

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That’s a much better deal! Good find!