Announcement: Giulia Tech Email Issues


I wanted to drop a quick little announcement to notify you all of issues we were experiencing, unbeknownst to me, related to email communications.


Giulia Tech email communications are not received. This includes new registration, password reset, chat notifications, etc. EVERYTHING.

Root Cause

The email service we are using changed their free plan, to a free trial without communicating that to us. They only allowed sending to the account holders email (i.e., my personal email address).


I have begrudgingly paid for their lowest tier plan that will now allow actually sending email to other email addresses… wow, what a concept.

Take Away

Look for a new and free email provider.

I apologize if this issue affected your engagement on the site. This is completely the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish here. Hopefully you receive this and take some time to look around the site again as I have added a number of new articles that may be useful to you, or someone you know in the Giulia/Stelvio community.



Wait, you mean you wanted “free” email to actually be FREE email?

HAHA, there are a number of free options, so I chose that one due to decent reviews, then they changed it without notification.

Seems to be functioning great now.

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